Does the plugin provides all Flex SDK compiler options ?

Almost of the Flex compiler options are available through the Maven Flex Plugin. However, some options available through the command-line compiler appeared to be in conflict with Maven conventions. If you think one option we did not include is not, feel free to request a feature.


Does the plugin provides a way to generate Eclipse/Flex Builder projects from Maven projects ?

Yes. The flex:eclipse goal allows you to generate FlexBuilder projects.


Is the plugin able to run unit tests ?

Perform unit testing with FlexUnit is possible since Maven Flex Plugin 0.9.x. However, the Adobe Flash Player is not covered by an other licence than the open source Flex SDK, so you will have to install the Flash Player by your own, and to make it available to run tests.

We plan on providing testing based on FUnit, that appears to be a really powerful testing framework. You also may collect tests reports using surefire.


Is the plugin able to generate API Documentation ?

Yes. The flex:asdoc and flex:asdoc-aggregate goals allows you to generate ASDoc-formatted documentation.


Can I used the plugin to build AIR applications ?

You can compile ActionScript libraries in order to use them into AIR applications. However, the AIR packager is for the moment not covered by the Adobe open source SDK licence agreement.


The current release requires far less configuration than former releases, why ?

When we created the former releases, the Adobe Flex Compiler API was not provided, so we had to run external binaries from the Flex SDK. The Flex Compiler API is now publicly available, so the plugin has been partially rewritten, and we reduced its dependencies to external resources.


Why the plugin is not available through a central repository such as Central or IBiblio ?

This plugin wraps the open source Adobe Flex SDK compiler, and depends on some libraries that are not provided by Adobe on a central repository. We decided to make the artifacts available through our own repository, in accordance with the Adobe Flex SDK licence. Another solution is to deploy those artifacts by your own, using the setup scripts. Those scripts can be found in the setup directory of the source code repository.


Why the plugin didn't accept swc / swf packaging ?

If you get a "Cannot find lifecycle mapping for packaging: 'swf'" or 'swc' error while performing a eclipse:eclipse on a project,

please add true in the Maven Flex Plugin declaration