About the Component Manifest

Default MXML manifest

In the "configuration" section of the maven flex plugin declaration you can declare the component manifest. This declaration can solved a unexceptable error of the compiler, when instanciate the following classes and get a could "Could not resolve mx:xxx to a component implementation." error.

  • mx:HTTPChannel * mx:AMFChannel * mx:StreamingAMFChannel * mx:ChannelSet * ...

    There is a post about this issue on sf.net at https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2860770&forum_id=680829


    Be sure to place the mxml-manifest.xml in the corresponding directory

Adding your own manifest

With the same mechanism you can also add your own componentManifest. ( can be useful for map all your own classes on a single namespace, such as mx: for all framework component )